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Victoria Cooper & Doug Spowart

Victoria Cooper has worked extensively with photographs imported into digital imaging environment and in the production of artists’ books. For her, the computer has provided a space in which she can fully explore the potential of the photographic narrative. Along with this digital work she also finds the traditional photographic processes like the camera obscura and cyanotype also play an important role in her site specific work. For Cooper, the enigma of the vast and ancient Australian landscape, which bears the marks of human experiences both historical and contemporary, contains many unexplored ambiguities. She is currently exploring these concepts in her visual and academic research and integrates her findings into visual stories and artists’ books.

Spowart has been extensively involved in creative media areas for over 30 years. His practice includes; artists’ book production, freelance artist, critic, judge, writer and teacher. Although being involved in these creative industries Spowart’s driving force is his devotion to the conceptualisation, creation and production of his personal imagery and the formation of this work into exhibitions and, almost exclusively over the last seven years, artists’ books. This work has found its way into many private, regional and state public galleries, national and international photography and artists’ book collections. Doug Spowart has also maintained a rigorous exhibition program of both solo and group shows with his images being shown in most states of Australia and internationally in China, Japan, New Zealand and New Caledonia.

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