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Perception (2005)

  • Title: Perception - The Daryl Hewson Photographic Collection
  • Publication information: 60 pages, 85 colour plates, 24.7x28.8cm/9.7x11.3in. Hardback. Limited edition of 130 copies.
  • Price: Not available
  • ISBN: 0-9757720-7

This publication is sold out.

Perception, as the first book published by the Queensland Centre for Photography, is a historical landmark and introduces Daryl Hewson as a highly important collector of Queensland and Australia photographic art.

This publication highlights the work of some of the best photographic artists in Australia and contains a foreword by Anne Kirker curator of special projects at the Queensland Art Gallery and a candid interview with Hewson by art photographer and head of photography at Griffith University Marian Drew.

The QCP hopes with this publication to bring to the foreground the importance of collectors to the contemporary fabric of culture by the direct support to artist as well as emphasise the curatorial nature of collecting and the historical social significance of these collections to future generations.