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Selected Photographs from the Daryl Hewson Collection (QUT Art Museum, 2008)

QUT Art Museum, 14 February - 20 April 2008

Daryl Hewson has always collected. Within many of us there is a burning desire to hoard, to cherish, to classify and to show to friends a reflection of one’s life journey. Daryl has done so with aplomb and within his striking collection of art, photography is the dominant medium. As a key supporter of the Queensland Centre for Photography, Daryl has amassed a large number of works by Queensland practitioners. However his collection is not limited to local artists. It is broad in its scope and includes national and international photographers.

Artists generally produce work within the context of a larger philosophical framework. Likewise, Daryl collects art within an appropriate mindset. In some cases he feels he must have the image as part of his everyday view, in others he appreciates the majesty of the artist’s work but it doesn’t have to be on daily display. When he buys art, the most immediate and strongest support any patron can do for an artist, Daryl collects within a larger picture. It’s a similar manner in which public collections are often developed.

Across the two exhibitions at QUT Art Museum and SLQ, Daryl’s selective eye is evident. In QUT’s exhibition, we see work that veers towards concepts of the future, of uncertain narratives and the notion of fiction within the gamut of contemporary photography.

Curated by Gordon Craig